Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

Which is the most realistic electric fireplace? This is very difficult question to answer simply because there are many of them that can be called the most realistic.

Thanks to new technologies, more and more electric fireplaces produce realistic-looking flames. Some even produce the sounds of real crackling logs.

There are different clever ways used to create realistic flames. Some fireplaces use Hologram technology together with a DVD player and a TV built into the fireplace.

The best electric fireplaces allow you to vary the appearance of the fire from lazy flames to a raging fire.

If you like to enjoy your fireplace a year-round, you can operate the flames and sound in the fireplace without switching on the built-in heater.

For the most beautiful fireplace, you should install a complete kit with a fireplace surround and mantel.

Yes, electric fireplaces look realistic.

There is a story about a consultant to gas fireplace manufacturer who walked into one showroom and told the sales rep that the fire looked like it was a bit starved for air.

He suggested that the venting system in the showroom may have been inadequate. The sales rep literally laughed at him and said, “It’s an electric fireplace.”

Dimplex is the leader for creating the most realistic electric fireplace on the market.

most realistic electric fireplace

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