Battery Heated Slippers for Men and Women

Do you need battery heated slippers to keep your feet warm all day long? If so, you should try Volt Rechargeable Heated Slippers. Men and women who are suffering from cold feet will be extremely satisfied with this product. (Just read these testimonials.)

These electric slippers use heating technology found in heated car seats. They provide regulated heat using small, lightweight, rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion batteries. This means you can use them anywhere, any time your feet need extra warming. You can use them in your house or outdoor and with a durable outer shell and traction soles, there is no danger of awful slips when outside.

Battery Heated Slippers

Volt Heated Slippers evenly distribute heat for hours on a single charge. The best thing is that your feet never get too hot because there is an internal thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature. The foot is insulated and cushioned with the foam and foot-bed lining. Once batteries are fully discharged, it will take just five hours to charge completely.

Volt Battery Heated Slippers come in four sizes for men and women: small, medium, large, x-large. (See size chart.) They are water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Rechargeable Heated Slippers

All in all, these are the world’s most perfect rechargeable slippers and they are ideal solution for cold weather.

They cost $99.95 but if you use this link, you will save 10% and pay only $89.95. If you are not satisfied, do not worry. Volt Heated Slippers are backed by 100% Unconditional Guarantee and you can return them at any time for refund.

Electric Heated Slippers

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