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The best place to buy coffee online is It sells Kona coffee that Forbes called “Best in America”. It is also featured in Forbes’ “Top 10 Coffees of the World”.

Drinking coffee is a habit that has people spending over 100 billion dollars worldwide.

While the majority of the world’s coffee is grown in developing countries, the only brand of coffee grown in the United States comes from paradise – Hawaii.

A rich volcanic soil is what makes this coffee special!

kona coffee beans

These little beans are the only ones on the entire planet that can be called Kona coffee because they grow on a very narrow, 22 mile stretch of the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona coffee blooms in early spring and has to be hand-picked from August to January. This is a painstaking process and a reason why most 100% Kona coffee is usually priced at 20 to 50 dollars a bag.

Once the coffee is picked it is laid out on a drying deck for up to two weeks. The coffee gets dry naturally by their own heat from the sun.

What coffee drinkers may not realize is that many brands can use the Kona label as long as it contains 10% Kona beans. The other 90% can come from anywhere else in the world.

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association has been trying to fight this loophole for years since an uneducated public might see cheaper prices and think they are still getting 100% Kona coffee.

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best place to buy kona coffee online

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