7 Folding Room Dividers and Screens

These room dividers are the perfect way to section off areas of your home.

Handmade Works of Klimt Tannenwald and Farm Garden Room Divider


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Create a visual separation in a large room with this double-sided room divider. The wooden frame keeps this unit upright, and the canvas cover adds privacy. Two different nature-themed Gustav Klimt paintings adorn each side, bringing an extra burst of color to your interior decor.

Handmade 6′ Wood and Natural Fiber Two-Tone Room Divider


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Bring privacy to your home with this handmade room divider. This room divider is made with natural fibers and a wood frame for exceptional durability, and the two-tone finish provides an attractive, contemporary appearance. Easy installation makes setting up both quick and efficient.

Handmade Van Gogh Almond Blossoms and Wheat Field Room Divider


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Brighten your room while adding privacy with this double-sided Van Gogh canvas room divider. Featuring a different natural work on each side, this wood-framed folding divider is lightweight and portable for placement anywhere inside.

Japanese 4-Panel Screen Room Divider, Plum Blossom


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This Plum Blossom 4-Panel Screen Room Divider provides a temporary and simple, yet effective way to create a separation. When you want a little privacy, this room divider is perfect to use in your home. Crafted of hardwood and finished in black, this 4-panel divider makes a decorative solution for your home. The thick, shoji-inspired rice paper blocks view while still letting light in.

Handmade Path of Life Room Divider


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Claim some privacy or boundaries with this double-sided ‘Path of Life’ room divider. This divider depicts a pristine wooded location in full green bloom through a photographic image transferred onto canvas for crisp color and durability. A wood frame contributes sturdiness and structure, and foldable panels adjust to suit your privacy needs.

Handmade Venice Canal Room Divider


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Decorative screen displays beautiful, black and white photos of the Venice Canal. Hardy, kiln-dried spruce frames reinforce this handmade canvas room divider.

Handmade 6′ Canvas Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe Room Divider


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Add sophisticated style to your space with this elegant hand-crafted canvas room divider. The double-sided decorative screen features the Eiffel Tower on one side and the Arc de Triomphe on the reverse so you can change your look on a whim.

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