Pittman Air Bed With Built-in Pump

Pittman Ultra Double High Queen Air Mattress With Built-in Pump

Get ready for upcoming house guests or your next camping trip with this Pittman Ultra Double High Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump.

The build-in AC power pump makes inflation and deflation a snap, and the coil beam design keeps you comfortable and well-supported all night long.


  • Queen-size
  • Coil beam design
  • Includes carrying case and repair patch
  • Built-in AC power air pump
  • Raised inflatable airbed
  • By Pittman Outdoors
  • Model number PPI-QUDH1
  • Tan
  • PVC
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Spot clean
  • 20 inches high x 58 inches wide x 78 inches long

This mattress is so helpful! Not only is it comfortable but it holds up.

After initial setup bed stays aired up without a problem.

In a few short minutes, you’ve got a very comfortable, high quality queen-size bed!

The mattress has a built-in pump that not only inflates the mattress but also can be used to quickly deflate it.

Convenient storage bag prevents dust and possible damage.

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