Trilby vs Fedora vs Pork Pie Hat

I see a lot of guys talk about the fedora hat but quite often the hat that you’re talking about when you say fedora is actually a trilby.

So I just thought I’d explain the difference.

Trilby vs Fedora vs Pork Pie Hat

Men’s fedora hat is a wide brimmed hat with pinched sides and a lengthwise crease down the crown. The brims are flat, no edge or curl, and can be bent up or down.

You wear fedora hat, pull down over your eyes. It’s the hat worn by Michael Jackson, Humphrey Bogart, Indiana Jones, people like that.

Trilby has the same crown as a fedora, but the back is shorter than the front. It is worn with the brim snapped downward in front and upward in back.

You wear it on the back of your head. This hat is worn by the Blues Brothers, Sean Connery used to wear them in the early James Bond films, Justin Timberlake would wear them about 2005.

Pork pie hat has a flattened top without a crease down the center. It is pinched at the sides and the brim is usually small.

This hat is good for tall men. Buster Keaton is a popular pork pie hat wearer.

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