VHS to DVD Converter

This is the device that easily preserves home movies before they are lost forever by transferring analog VHS recordings to digital DVD discs.

The entire process requires little more than inserting the source cassette and a blank DVD and following onscreen step-by-step prompts.

The finished DVDs play on any disc player or computer, allowing you to easily share precious memories with family and friends or upload videos to social media.

A front DV input can be used to transfer content from a camcorder directly to a DVD.

The converter also operates as a fully functional DVD/VHS player/recorder and connects to virtually any television via component, S-video, coaxial, and HDMI jacks. Includes component cables and a universal remote control. Not compatible with Blu-Ray.

This item is no longer available.

VHS To Digital Video Converter

This device connects a VCR to a computer and converts VHS tapes into digital files.

Ideal for preserving home movies, TV shows, or other content recorded on video cassettes, it enables one to burn footage to a DVD, create a digital archive, or upload files to a smart device or on social media.

With RCA cables and S-video input. Includes software CD compatible with Windows. Operates on a Mac using QuickTime Player. Plugs into USB.

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